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Valuable emissions

Our mission is to transform CO2 from a harmful pollutant into a valuable resource with a positive environmental and economic impact.

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Get to Know Us

 We envision a future where CO2 is no longer viewed as a problem, but rather a valuable resource.

Our mission is to drive this transformative change, empowering industries to embrace responsible practices, including achieving net-zero carbon emissions, and contribute to a greener, more prosperous world.

Our technology

We develop sustainable and innovative technologies that convert CO2 into high-value products across diverse market segments.

CO2 to methanol

CO2 to olefins

CO2 to aromatics

Our Services

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Catalyst design

Maximize operational potential with our catalyst design services. Our expert team applies advanced techniques to optimize reaction processes and improve efficiency. Experience the power of tailored solutions for your unique needs. Contact us now to unlock your operations' full potential.


Process design

Transform your emissions with our process design services. Our team of experienced professionals leverages industry best practices to create efficient and sustainable processes for CO2 and other GHG conversion into products.  Contact us for customized process design solutions today.


Process scale-up

Ready to take your process to the next level? Our process scale-up services ensure smooth transitions from lab to pilot scale. Trust our expertise in scaling catalytic processes for increased efficiency and productivity. Contact us to accelerate your growth and achieve success in the mitigation of GHG emissions.

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